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Mercury - Not Freddie, But Retrograde

January 22 – February 12 (Aquarius)
May 20 – June 12 (Gemini)
September 18 – October 10 (Libra)

There’s no need to overly worry about these phases, just the usual practical advice applies: back up your data, double check info, be prepared for a couple of communication and travel mishaps, new projects tend to get off to a dragging start; equip yourself with an extra dose of patience to handle disruptions and delays. But these are also good times to do some rethinking, reworking or correction work, and chances are good that missing pieces can be found, bugs get fixed and previously overlooked aspects recognized and integrated. In 2015 matters of communication technology, the media and diplomatic issues are especially highlighted during these periods because Mercury will spend these times in the mental air signs of Aquarius, Gemini and Libra, respectively.

I would recommend doing a backup of your data soon, though. The upcoming phase in January /February is in Aquarius, a sign that is associated with electronics, computer technology, networks and the Internet. High-voltage and high-speed technology as well as space engineering and long-distance travel, like air traffic, will be more prone to mishaps. We might see a couple of snafus making the headlines in these areas (I don’t hope the German pilots will go on strike again) and I expect IT-experts to have a busy time. Fortunately, Mercury is not involved in any major difficult aspects during this period, so I don’t think that effects will be dramatic, this time might just pass by with a few minor bumps along the road of travel & communication.

 The retrograde period in early summer I expect to affect mainly the media, journalism, trade and commerce, telecommunications, short-distance travel and transport (buses, trains, cars). Delays and disruptions might be caused by an excess of water (e.g. heavy rain, flooding), and communication hampered by confusion, a lack of clarity and maybe even a misrepresentation of facts (Mercury in hard aspect to Neptune). Double-check any information, remember to make copies as info might get lost easily; if important, ask for a written confirmation.

 The third phase in September / October ties in with the bigger changes of the recent years, whether in our private lives or concerning the economic and political upheavals that have dominated our headlines. It takes place in the sign of Libra, which stands for relationships, the balancing of powers and diplomatic endeavors. As Mercury will be in hard aspects to Uranus and Pluto, communication mishaps might have more drastic effects than at other times. We could see the necessity of renegotiating contracts and a forming of new alliances and connections. In our ordinary lives some info about a relationship or a woman might surface and cause some disturbance; on a political level, peace talks might be delayed and international relationships disrupted by economic hardships and sudden attacks. 

 On a happier, personal note, I have noticed that the beginning and the end of these phases are very intensive and also very productive in terms of writing & communication – and much better than their reputation.