How to Make an Appointment

Appointments can be made by either email or phone. It’s best to clarify in a quick phone call whether I can help you with your specific concern and then agree on a suitable time. I will also use this information to guide me in my prior analysis of your chart and the session itself.

A short time before our appointment I will email you the astrological chart(s) needed for the consultation. The chart(s) most often serve as a visual guide within the session, but you do not need any prior knowledge of astrology. If needed, I will explain anything necessary to you. The session itself can be in person, but most sessions are held online using Skype.

Recordings: If you want, I can record your session as an audio mp3 file. I will then either send you a link to download this file from my website or from a file storage service (fastest way) or I will burn it to a data CD and send it to you by post. I do not make any recordings for myself, though, and I assume no liability in case a recording of a session should fail.

Confidentiality and ethical considerations: As a member of the German Astrology Association DAV, I follow its professional Code of Conduct (for further information, please see

All consultations are strictly confidential. If part of your concern should include the chart of another person, I will need this person’s prior consent to do so.


What Do I Need from You for an Astrological Consultation?

1) Date and time of birth
   (you can usually find the accurate time on your birth certificate)
2) Place of birth
3) Your immediate concern - if you have one.
4) Your email address so that I can send you the respective chart(s).

Sessions and Fees

What Makes you Tick? - Your Personal Natal Chart € 200,-
  2 hr session
Discussion of your personal natal chart, often guided by an immediate concern of yours. You will get an overview of the dynamics of your personality, your potentials and your growth issues. Recommended as a first session.

What do the Next 12 Months Hold for You? - Your Annual Chart € 150,-
  90 min session
Present and upcoming influences for the year ahead (next 12 months), based on the analysis of your natal chart, progressions & transits. Prior interpretation of your natal chart recommended.

Mini-Session - Topical or Introductory € 60,-
  45 min session
The mini-session is designed as either a follow-up session to your natal chart, focusing on a selected area or issue in your life, or to get an introduction to astrology and the way I work.


Individual Sessions - Your Specific Concern € 150,-
  90 min session
If you are faced with a complex issue or topic, you need to look at multiple charts or need to look at advanced techniques, you can arrange an individual session. Progressions, solar returns and transits are used to look at your current situation as well as the coming year.

Horary Astrology - Concrete Questions € 60,-
  30 min session
If you have one specific and concrete question, horary astrology - the interpretation of the chart based on the time of the question - can be used to provide insight into the matter and its further development. 30 min session or written analysis.

Any additional time needed will be charged € 30.00 / hour.

Written analyses upon request (extra charge).
Regular clients will be granted a discount.


Since each session needs quite some time of preparation ahead of the session as such, half of the payment is due when the appointment is made. Payment can be made by PayPal, bank transfer or in cash.
To go to PayPal please click on the logo.

Cancelation Policy

Each consultation requires a certain amount of preparation ahead of the session itself, which is only the visible part of my work. Therefore, cancellations need to be made 3 days before your session. Otherwise a cancellation fee of € 25,- applies. You may reschedule your session up to 24 hours before the appointed time.