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Growth & Challenges for the Healing and Helping Professions: Jupiter in Virgo (11 Aug 15 - 9 Sept 16)

Those who associate a nagging woman with the sign of Virgo only know the stereotypical shadow side of this otherwise valuable principle and disregard the fact that we all appreciate this star sign’s great gift when seeing a physician, therapist or healing practitioner: an accurate diagnosis based on expert knowledge and good discernment – and practical solutions.

Now, not all people born with the Sun in this sign are in the healing professions of course, but with Jupiter’s entry into this sign of health and well-being we can expect an increased general interest in the functioning and interaction of body, mind and soul in the coming 12 months. For those actually working in the health sector, Jupiter, the principle of growth and expansion, can bring a wealth of detailed knowledge, more treatment possibilities, better ‘tools’ and training measures. Self-employed people in whose birth chart the sign of Virgo occupies the 6th or one of the professional houses can look forward to more clients or more work since hopes for a cure will be high, the belief in expert knowledge strong and ‘optimizing techniques’ in great demand.

The need for improvement in the health sector and for stepping up aid will meet some challenges, however. Not only might we have a hard time seeing the forest for the trees on a personal level, getting lost in details and paperwork. What’s more, September 2015 will mark the beginning of a phase in which we will see societal issues concerning material (re)distribution, precautionary measures and cultural readjustments taking center stage, a situation which will come to a head in the spring of 2016 (indicated by the T-square of Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron in the mutable signs of Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces respectively).

The eagerness to bring individual organisms back into proper ‘operating mode’ and the reintegration of people into the larger organisms of society and the working life (Virgo) will be challenged by a flood of people in need whose wants and ailments are as diverse as they are vague (Neptune and Chiron in Pisces). Medical and material help to cope with daily life (Virgo) will need to be supplemented by psychological and spiritual support (Pisces). The great pain of the masses, indicated by Chiron in Pisces (2011-2019), lies mainly in the feeling of being lost, helpless and abandoned, not knowing their role and place in the destiny of the human race and the cosmic big picture – an issue by which not only the many current refugees are moved in the most literal sense. Maybe it is particularly the generation of people born in the Sixties with Chiron in Pisces in their natal chart (~1960-1968) that are now called for support and assistance and who have personally found an answer to this issue. But also people born in the years 1994 and 1995 with Chiron in Virgo might respond to this call despite their young age.

The desire to supply the masses with expert knowledge and humanitarian aid might run into cultural barriers. Measures might be hampered by national borders becoming impenetrable and a tightening of regulations. These restrictions can also express themselves in the introduction of stricter quality controls and regulations in the sectors of international trade and transport and education – all ingredients which Saturn will throw into the big pot of challenges with his reentry into the sign of Sagittarius in mid-September.

On a more constructive note, we can use this challenging constellation as a reality check to arrive at practical solutions to the following questions: What kind of help is sensible and wise? What does ‘illness and healing’ mean, what is health? What does a national culture contribute to it? How can detailed knowledge be reasonably complemented by a holistic view? What role does intuition and empathy play in diagnosis and treatment? How can we effectively deal with the increased physical and emotional sensitivity and permeability (Neptune and Pisces)? How can we communicate the feeling of being part of a greater whole in a way that transcends cultural and religious lines?

With Jupiter in the trouble-shooter sign of Virgo we can be sure to find a few solutions to these pressing issues. The moon’s north node and two eclipses in this sign next year also indicate an intensive time of growth for the healing and helping professions. More about this here on this page in fall.

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