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“Why have people been so aggressive lately?” (Mars and the Jupiter-Neptune opposition in September 2015)

This is a question I’ve been asked by a few people recently. Shouldn’t we all be rather full of compassion and generosity with the opposition of ‘altruistic’ Jupiter and ‘spiritual’ Neptune exact this September? Well, many are and many have responded to this constellation by taking decisive action.

But if you seem to keep bumping into people who boss you around or try to control you, there can be many reasons for this, of course. You could simply be going through a short personal period of conflict as indicated by Mars, for instance; or you might be on the receiving end of a larger pattern at work that affects an entire generation, which might indirectly also have to do with this month’s Jupiter-Neptune opposition.

 When I hear the key-word “aggression”, I first check to see where Mars is, the planet symbolizing self-assertion, will-power and action. Mars has been in Leo since Aug 9 and will remain there until Sept 25. If Mars in Leo is transiting the relationship section in your individual chart, for example, this indicates that you are in for a time of ‘passionate encounters’ with people who you might experience as either sexy and self-confident risk-takers stimulating your creativity, or, at the negative end of the scale, as self-centered kings and queens concealing their hurt pride by trying to aggressively ‘out-shine’ you. With Mars running into a square to Saturn at the end of September it is likely that the people you encounter are going through a time of increasing restriction and frustration, which might add to their irritability and their tendency to show their rather unpleasant sides.

 If you are a belligerent person yourself with a feisty Mars in your chart currently opposing the fighting spirit in others (i.e. your Mars is in Aquarius), you can be sure that sparks will fly and opportunities for friction will be plenty – and maybe exactly what you are looking for to make you feel alive as a warrior.

 Should you notice a shift in people’s aggressiveness at the end of September from a rather bossy to a more passive-aggressive attitude with ‘bean-counters’ trying to out-skill, criticize and micro-manage you, it is very likely that you are simply picking up on the negative expression of the energies that are indicated by Mars entering the sign of Virgo. I would recommend you use the quality of the time constructively and hone some of your own skills. The nit-pickers out there might not all disappear but ‘magically’ shrink in number as a result.

 If you have observed a ‘general increase in aggressiveness’ among older people in positions of responsibility, this might be rooted in something else, though, namely a general increase in insecurity currently affecting the generation born between 1960-1965. With this generation’s Pluto in Virgo, their survival instinct is heavily invested in their ability to create security by dividing reality into manageable, rational categories and keeping their immediate environment ‘in order’, clean, healthy and functioning. Despite the fact that there is a good reason for this generation to be equipped with such a socially useful survival instinct, this tendency, when taken to the extreme, can produce quite a few well-adapted “control-freaks” who will lash out with surprising aggression and relentlessness when their “fixed order of reality” is threatened.

 And threatened quite a number of these individuals might feel at the moment: The great ‘boundary-dissolver’ among astrology’s symbols, Neptune, has been opposing this generation’s Pluto, indicating that this group of people is confronted with a potential dissolution of their preconceived order and view of reality, society and daily life, undermining their sense of power, control and survival. Their response might be to step up their control (which could be indicated by Jupiter, the symbol of growth, in these degrees of Virgo this late summer) to aggressively manage the ‘looming chaos’ with projects and people seeming to slip through their fingers. They might experience a situation similar to a controller’s nightmare, in which he or she wakes up to a world of Excel spreadsheets with neither rows nor columns, maybe even without any data, called to advise the board members in times of crisis. Telling this person to simply “learn to trust life” will most probably earn you a punch in your face.

 It has to be kept in mind that not everyone born back then is a typical representative of this generation’s Pluto, of course, and the response to chaos and uncertainty does not necessarily have to end in control and aggression. If faced with an open mind, this challenge could also be used to question our obsession with processes and the need to compulsively micro-manage our lives (as implemented by the Pluto in Virgo generation curretnly in power) and make space for a more free-flowing and imaginative approach to life (Neptune in Pisces).

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