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The Fall of 2016: Protective Alliances and Stubborn Lone Fighters (Jupiter in Libra Opposition Uranus in Aries)

The strange state of limbo and uncertainty in which many of us have found themselves in during the summer months will be dissolving more and more towards the end of 2016. Those of us who have had to make tough decisions in the recent 12 months under the “Hold On or Let Go” constellation of the Saturn-Neptune square most probably also had to make a sacrifice or cope with some disillusionment. The motto of the Brexit campaign “Leave or Remain” has not only been a major issue in the political realm, but most probably also in the lives of those whose natal charts have been touched by this constellation, i.e. those who have sensitive points at 7-12° of the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

During the current phase of Mercury retrograde until the last week of September our mental attention will be drawn to details and practical solutions in order to respond to the respective losses, shattered illusions and future imponderabilities in a constructive manner. While it was still possible in spring to avoid harsh realities by immersing ourselves in daydreams, burying our heads in the sand will not work anymore in early fall.

With Jupiter having just entered the sign of Libra on September 10, the formation of new alliances and relationships might be a possible solution. While in the past 12 months we mainly sought refuge in the development of our practical skills and the management of increasing administrative challenges to adapt to a changing work and everyday environment, it is personal, business and political relationships that will take center stage in the 12 months ahead, joint ventures and alliances formed to protect shared beliefs, visions and worldviews. As a reaction to the rough and rude tone that has lately become socially and even politically acceptable, we might see Libra’s notion of fair-play and the diplomatic mindset becoming more popular again, especially in the area of international relations. This could help softening the edges of the cultural clashes and ease up the tight situation for the travel sector, which has been struggling with limitations, also providing a few good opportunities.

The new cooperative mindset will not go unchallenged, though. Towards the end of the year Jupiter will move into an opposition with Uranus in Aries (also squaring Pluto in Capricorn – but this will be covered in a separate article). On the one hand, this can mean that stubborn lone fighters will, in the name of their rebellious idealism, actively oppose and loudly challenge the display of “sweet talk” and ingratiating attitudes. Or it could work the other way around: With their moral superiority, powerful coalitions and associations could cut individual rabble-rousers down to size. Alliances and relationships might have to undergo some sort of “stress tests” through sudden attacks. However, if a courageous pioneering spirit joins forces with cultural openness and a willingness to cooperate, groundbreaking technical innovations and discoveries will be possible as well – or new ways of relating based on a spirit of freedom. For those of us whose natal charts have sensitive points at 17-23° Aries and/or Libra, life’s waters will be rocked between “me or we”, between abrupt separations and “I will go it alone” moves and the idealization of a relationship idea, between the individual's uncompromising desire for freedom and the development of a shared vision – and these people will surely keep us on our toes.

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