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Fall 2017: In the Wake of the "Great American Eclipse"

While “Great American Eclipse” on August 21 was an astronomical event covered in the news as a great spectacle, astrologers have not been tired of stressing that this solar eclipse happened very close to a notorious degree in the Zodiac, namely at 28° Leo closely conjunct the fixed star Regulus. The ancient astrologers associated Regulus with rise to great prominence (and subsequent fall), royal dignity, military commanders and militaristic action, but with the solar eclipse on this sensitive point, this could also mean short-lived military triumphs and the fall of prominent ‘kings and leaders’. Given the fact that this eclipse happened on Trump’s proud and combative Leo Ascendant conjunct Mars, which makes him prone to respond to unfamiliar and new situations with an aggressive demonstration of dominance and superiority, we can be sure that in the next six months (the period in which the symbolism of such a solar eclipse are said to manifest), he will have to learn a crucial lesson regarding his way of self-presentation and self-assertion - and maybe some countries along with him.

Although I personally don’t believe that the effects of a solar eclipse automatically manifest most strongly along the eclipse path, the fact that it was both visible across the United States and at the same time affected its unpredictable president at one of the most crucial and sensitive points in his natal chart does carry some symbolic weight, which could well translate into drastic changes within this country. With Mars being very close to the eclipse degrees, we can only hope that prominent leaders and military commanders won’t go ‘ballistic’. As the volatile nature of Uranus is a crucial part of Trump’s character and part of this solar eclipse, we can only “expect the unexpected”.


Most of us most probably have been struggling with more trivial things in our ordinary lives. After a period of tripping and brooding over details and a time of nagging doubts about our skills and the quality of our work during Mercury’s path through Virgo in August, the planet of communication and written expression dipped backwards into the creative sign of Leo on August 27. We will have a short window of mental creativity from then until September 10, which we can use to come up with creative solutions to issues that might have been bothering us since the end of July. A decisive piece of information or creative input might be missing and garnered during the days around the 6th to continue our mission and launch new projects in the weeks ahead and make decisive changes in our lives.

 As most of the personal planets will be in Virgo, the remainder of September is then best spent on analysis and detail work in a mental state of discrimination and discernment, “separating the wheat from the chaff”, fixing issues, improving existing projects, finding out what works and what doesn’t and making provisions for harsher times. We might not feel very heroic, but during this time we can lay the foundation for comfortably getting through a potentially hard winter. If this sounds like a dull period, watch a good late-night show to see Virgo’s most creative expression at work. Most people don’t know the we owe the finest comedians and satirists to this sign.

The end of September then sees the closure of a theme that has been with us since the end of December 2016: Hope and progress through the formation of new and extended alliances (Jupiter in Libra) in opposition to go-it-alone actions and surprise attacks (Uranus in Aries). Politically, this theme can manifest as the dichotomy between appeasement and confrontational, ‘maverick’ politics. In a constructive sense, we might see pioneers of the inventive and quirky kind trailblazing new avenues for establishing relations with others in an equal and harmonious way. If the ideal of fairness and equality in relationships is not honored, however, Uranus’s proclivity for disrupting and severing relationships can lead to quite a few sudden break-ups - and a few ‘explosions’ as well. As the planets involved are basically about expansion and breaking free, sudden break-throughs are possible as well.


 With most planets in forward gear, the speed of our ordinary lives should have picked up by the beginning of October. At the end of the first week some people might experience a bit of a bump in the road for a couple of days when limiting travel and educational regulations might frustrate their romantic endeavors (Saturn square Mars/Venus). The major astrological event, though, is Jupiter’s change of signs in the middle of the month. The planet of expansion and knowledge will leave nicey-nice Libra and enter intensity-loving Scorpio, shifting our awareness from loving, pleasing and relating to power-issues, sex and the survival of the species.

 As a consequence, the places where we will look for joy, knowledge, healing and expansion will change from the rational to the emotional, from harmonious relationships and balanced proportions to passionate encounters, reaching down to the dark depths of our souls for the purpose of transformation and cleansing.

 In astrology Jupiter symbolizes the seeker in us, so the title of the spiritual journey that we will embark on this fall could be “The Lotus rising from the muck”. If this period (Oct 2017-Nov 2018) is maneuvered wisely, the darkest recesses of our minds can potentially be turned into fertile ground and release some unexpected treasures. Since both Jupiter and the sign of Scorpio love to go to extremes and hardly ever know when enough is enough, the road to wisdom might lie in knowing when to stop probing and purging.

 On a more mundane and material level, financial issues will move into focus, particularly ‘shared resources’, investments, funds and joint ventures. This could be a good time for some to take on financial risks in order to grow and expand. The money-lending industry might see some growth. On the other hand, there might also be a tendency for debt to blow up to ridiculous proportions as hopes and dreams (Jupiter) will be based on borrowed money (Scorpio).

 November & December

 These topics will accompany us well into the mysterious mists of November and into December when the personal planets plus Jupiter will move through the sign of Scorpio. Especially at the beginning of the Christmas season (Jupiter and Neptune connect in a supportive trine), we could also again witness, on an unprecedented scale, a general readiness to help. Financial aid might be easy to obtain, even on a large scale. Hopefully, there won’t be any specific incident necessitating larger funds.

Neptune and Jupiter in water signs do not only generate great empathy, but also have the potential shadow-side of fostering bubbles and delusions - individually, financially and politically. Together with the Sagittarian optimism and generosity, which will be in the air in the run-up to the Holidays, we should be careful not to be tricked into deals and ideas that sound too good to be true. Especially considering that we will see yet another period of twisted communication and logistic delays owing to good-old Mercury in retrograde motion (December 4-24).