What are the Advantages of a Personal Consultation over a Computer-Based Analysis?

Although there are good computer-based analyses available online nowadays, they cannot replace an individual personal consultation. As these analyses will always be based on standardized text blocks, the reader is left alone with the task to make sense of sometimes contradictory information. In a personal consultation the astrologer can put the information into your personal context, weigh possible contradictory trends and can answer any questions you might have.

What is Astrology?

Although based on astronomically accurate calculations of the planets’ positions in relation to the zodiac, astrology is not a natural science but a language of symbols. These symbols are presented in the astrological chart, a two-dimensional snapshot of the position of the sun, moon and planets as seen from our home planet Earth at a given moment in time – usually at the moment of your birth.

This birth chart is then interpreted by the astrologer according to rules, which have been developed along the concept of analogy and the hermetic principle of “As above, so below”. The birth chart is a blueprint of your character, your potentials and your challenges. In order to know what a specific time holds in store for you, the astrologer looks at the current positions of the planets and how they align with your birth chart.

Astrology is a craft that can be learned and has nothing to do with ‘occult powers’. For me it is an invaluable tool on the path of self-knowledge and it is unique because of its speed with which it can generate self-awareness – often within the short time span of a single session.

Astrology - An Evolving Craft for our Modern Times

Astrology has always been evolving. Although timeless in its perspective, it is not static. In its long history and its quest to describe the development of the human soul it has absorbed the knowledge and wisdom of many cultures and periods. It is a treasure chest of archetypical stories, informing us of paths of growth, the timing and the meaning of life’s different phases. Even the knowledge of modern psychology is firmly established in today’s chart interpretation.

If we were trained in ‘reading in the book of our life’, in seeing the signs and listening to the messages that life presents us with, the craft of astrology might not be necessary in fact. But we are often too busy, too entangled or too overwhelmed by the events themselves to see the overall picture. The speed of our time with its emphasis on quantity and efficiency does not usually allow us the peace and quiet to listen and understand our lives.

This is where an astrology session comes in handy. It can present current crucial aspects of your life in a nutshell. It allows you to take time for self-reflection, to recognize the connections between the inner and outer developments and to assess possible pitfalls and chances.


What Can Astrology Do for You?

As the seafarer used the stars to navigate his ship, so can a personal astrological reading determine thematically at which junction on the road of life you are, your location and where you are headed in time.

It helps you to take a step back, look at the bigger picture and recognize how the individual pieces of your life’s puzzle fit in. It can help you to better understand what your current life issues are about, how they relate to yourself so that you can find order in what often seems random in ordinary life.

Whether in your profession or your relationships – astrology can provide you with the information and understanding needed to help you make conscious decisions in many aspects of life.

What to Expect from a Session

The sessions are designed to give you an overview of the dynamics and specific needs of your personality and to inform you about the processes you are going through, as astrologically indicated. As I believe in your free will and see astrology as a tool to help you, we will explore the options you have to respond to these possibilities and challenges.

Although an astrological reading certainly involves a bit of intuition, I am neither a fortune teller nor a psychic; I will therefore ask you questions so that I can understand how you have lived what’s presented in your chart and the specific circumstances you are in. This way I can put the astrological information into a context that is meaningful and that relates to you personally.

The techniques I use depend on your question and your issue. Charts of others who are part of your concern or any others that may be relevant to your situation might be consulted. If part of your concern should include the chart of another person, I will need this person’s prior consent to do so.

The charts are based on the tropical zodiac of Western astrology.

Please note that an astrological consultation cannot replace the expertise and advice of other professionals, whether medical, legal or other.

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"Alexandra's readings are always well prepared and individualized. She has a talent for communicating sensitive issues in a way that her clients can gain insight without having to go further than they're ready for. I recommend her without reservation and I am a returning customer myself."

John Becker, Author of ‘Cell 16’, Berlin

"Alexandra makes astrology a refreshing experience. The reading was on the spot and therefore helpful for my decision making in two business affairs."

Gefa N. / Berlin

"Alexandra has an extraordinary ability to convey the individual potential for growth to the person she is reading. Her intuitive and respectful manner immediately makes one feel at ease and eager to learn more!"

Linda F. / Bern, CH

"Alexandra is thorough and informative with an insightful nature for astrology."

Michael W. Vancouver BC

"Alexandra’s session has helped me to quickly identify the key issues in my life and respond to them in a more constructive way. Inspiring and empowering info for the whole year!"

Sabine Kr., Salzburg / Austria

"Alexandra surprised me with a fascinating overview of my recent life events, hinting at interesting upcoming challenges and opportunities. She approached astrology and my issues with great intelligence, understanding and thoroughness. I will definitely recommend her."

Roman T. / Zagreb, Croatia